Gender Affirming

What is Gender Affirmation? 

Gender Affirming Therapy is a therapeutic stance that focuses on affirming a patient’s gender identity. This type of therapy provides guidance in exploration of identity, expression, and resources. 

How can I help? 

By providing Trauma-Informed, Gender-Affirming therapy for transgender, nonbinary, and gender diverse individuals, I seek to support individuals in reclaiming their gender narrative and learning how to express their self to the world they live within. I am here to support you as you access gender-affirming medical care as well. I write letters and advocate for necessary services.  I believe it is essential to also support families and loved ones as they learn to navigate the world supporting their Trans, Nonbinary, and/or Gender Diverse child. Not only do I affirm aspects of gender, I also aim to affirm and strengthen all aspects of the person (I.e. sexuality, culture, kink, etc).